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Win: The Computers self portrait

We caught up with The Computers recently on their current tour. If you’re not yet aware, The Computers are a five piece post punk/hardcore/rock/indie/oh sod it, they’ve got two guitars, a bass, drums and a vocalist who is as impressive as

The Computers – Joiners – 16/11/2015

“Let’s explore different things and fuck anyone that isn’t into it…That’s our mantra I suppose.” And a stout mantra it is from Aiden, the drummer from The Computers who are a five piece post punk/hardcore/rock/indie/oh sod it, they’ve got two guitars,

The Stable

Sometimes it is really nice to go out for a pizza without having to order it whilst putting on a very awkward half-Italian half-slightly offensive accent to try and get the name of the pizza correct to the possibly Italian, possibly
peep show southampton

20 times Peep Show got it spot on

We here at Cool As have been Peep Show fans since the very beginning. If we’re honest there’s probably more Mark Corrigan in us than we’d like to admit. With the new series starting on Wednesday evening we look at the

Ed’s Easy Diner

This retro-American¬†diner has been sitting proudly atop West Quay for nearly three years. Aesthetically, it offers all you’d hope and expect from a 1950s style restaurant, plenty of red seats (in both chair and booth form), a jukebox for each table

The Ordinary Boys are back: Watch & Win

Remember these guys? Well after a break of nearly 10 years, The Ordinary Boys are back with their most definitive album to date and a date in Southampton at Joiners on Saturday 24 October.  Now you can check out their new
JOhnny Marr Victorious

Review: Victorious Festival 2015

Temperamental Bank Holiday weather did not deter fans from seeing the likes of Ray Davies and Tinie Tempah turn out to packed crowds at Victorious Festival. The Southsea-based festival returned for its 2nd incarnation on Southsea Common having previously been located