The Computers – Joiners – 16/11/2015

“Let’s explore different things and fuck anyone that isn’t into it…That’s our mantra I suppose.”

And a stout mantra it is from Aiden, the drummer from The Computers who are a five piece post punk/hardcore/rock/indie/oh sod it, they’ve got two guitars, a bass, drums and a vocalist who is as impressive as any out there at the moment.

This rearranged gig due to Al (vox) losing his voice a couple of weeks ago means that it is just before they set off on a pre-Christmas European tour in promotion of their new EP ‘Want The News? Here’s The Blues’, the title track of which hopefully will feature on their upcoming album to be released in 2016. The song itself has all the hallmarks of The Computers. There is a certain degree of funk and soul in the delivery of the guitars and vocals and whilst it is still about everyday life it moves away from the last album’s view of nights out and girls (Mr Saturday Night, C.R.U.E.L, Sex Texts, Bring Me The Head of a Hipster etc.) to a more kitchen-sink/at home drama.

There’s a lot to like about the attitude of The Computers. From tongue-in-cheek stompers like Disco Sucks (from Love Triangles, Hate Squares) to how well-knit an outfit they are in spite of recent lineup changes.

Tom McMahon (bass) and James Mattock (guitar) have been brought into the band during the time between the end of their last album cycle and the writing of the latest. Whilst this could lead to bumps in a road, the impression is that it has actually been quite liberating.

“It was really nice for myself [Aiden], Fred [guitar] and Al to have Tom and James join the band because it removed the barriers and boundaries musically speaking. With the previous lineup we had ‘The Computers’ and that’s what we did whereas now we were just able to open it up and see what we could do rather than what he had to do.”

This is evident in the set which whilst not to a capacity crowd (Monday nights in winter aren’t perhaps the most inviting of thoughts) you can tell that each person there has bought into this band and with new songs being tested out it isn’t an ‘arms and legs everywhere’ kind of night, instead it gives a view of a band taking the next step in their development to what could be a very important year for them.

I really hope it lives up to the promise of the EP. It could be brilliant.

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