The Stable

Sometimes it is really nice to go out for a pizza without having to order it whilst putting on a very awkward half-Italian half-slightly offensive accent to try and get the name of the pizza correct to the possibly Italian, possibly offended waiter.20151106_184829

This is what The Stable offers, with their tenth chain across the south opening last night on Above Bar Street.

You might be thinking that we’ve been here before with pizza chains, overly glamourous pepperoni but you’d be dead wrong. The Stable combines local ingredients and classic recipes to make some of the most mouthwatering prospects on pizza. Who would have thought adding avocado and fresh chilli to a Hawaiian pizza would be such a success?! Beware though, the Sotonian Scorcher is just that, who knew that naga chilli was so hot?

In addition there is a vast array of local ciders to choose from from the furthest reaches of Cornwall to ones brewed right on our postal district doorstep. Make sure you grab a Cornish Orchard, it is an absolute winner.

If you are a fan of the seating layout in Wagamama or Stein Garten (to go very local) then you get more of the same here. Clean, new looking wooden benches and tables fill the cavernous building which retains the ambience of a new bar rather than a restaurant and therefore makes use of the space very, very well.20151104_185252

The Stable is part of the new development opposite(ish) the O2 Guildhall. It is a new essential place to eat. Get there and get there now.

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