Ed’s Easy Diner

The Jukebox: Stick 20p in and away you go!

This retro-American diner has been sitting proudly atop West Quay for nearly three years. Aesthetically, it offers all you’d hope and expect from a 1950s style restaurant, plenty of red seats (in both chair and booth form), a jukebox for each table and the overriding sense that any moment now it’s going to go a little Pulp Fiction. In a good way.

The food on offer revolves mainly around burgers (vegetarian options available!) with hot dogs, chilli and for those who stare at the array of mouth-watering burgers with a pang of guilt or trepidation, there is even a selection of salads.

For a burger chain to keep themselves fresh in this over-saturated market of burger joints there needs to be something different to grab the attention. Given that American Football is a sport that has grown – and is continuing to – very quickly in the UK (three regular season games being played in London this season), there is a specials menu throughout October based around the Jacksonville Jaguars, who may become a London-based team in future.

Always a sucker for a special, I plumped for the Blake’s #5 QB Burger from this menu in honour of Blake Bortles (I’ll stop with the NFL chat soon, I promise). This was a double patty with double American cheese, BBQ pulled pork, BBQ sauce and dill pickle all served in a pretzel bun. Ber-limey.

You can have your burger as a single entity or order an Ed’s Plate which comes with chips, onion rings and coleslaw. Not wanting to overdo it, I plump for the burger as a solo effort with some Atomic American Fries which come served with a Jalapeno Jelly, Chilli, Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Guacamole and Sour Cream. You can also swap the Chilli out for BBQ sauce, another handy choice for vegetarians.

So the burger is ordered, the fries are ordered, surely the only logical step is to get an Extra Thick Milkshake (with just about any flavour you can imagine). Alas, it is a Friday night so a Samuel Adams is ordered as the tasty beverage to wash down the burger & fries (to continue the Pulp Fiction theme…). Just as an aside though, I did catch a glimpse of a couple of the ‘shakes and was incredibly jealous.

So, the important stuff. Is it worth it?


Ignore the fact that the location is a food court in a shopping centre, inside the aesthetics are spot on, the food is value for money and the service was terrific. I was absolutely stuffed and whilst a burger containing all manner of extras could end up being a messy affair, there was no disaster or spillage. Always a good sign.

Good Things To Know:

– You can get a bottomless cup of coffee in here, always a huge plus
– It’s located on the top floor of West Quay
– Open 10:30am-8pm (Mon-Fri), 10:30am-6pm (Sat), 11am-4:30pm (Sun)
– The Specials Menu will run until the end of October
– You will be utterly stuffed after eating here. That’s a good thing.

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